Planet Entertainment respects the privacy of its customers, and other individuals and businesses using the Web sites owned and operated by Planet Entertainment and its affiliates (“Planet Entertainment Sites”). This updated Privacy Policy effective 08/01/2018, is to keep you informed about the types of information collected on Planet Entertainment Sites and how the information is used and protected. The revised Privacy Policy includes information about advertisements on Planet Entertainment Sites and access to your account information.

Planet Entertainment protects the privacy of its customers consistent with the regulations issued by the Federal Communications Commission.

  1. There is one type of information that may be exchanged between the Planet Entertainment Site and the user during each visit to a Planet Entertainment Site.

It is:
1. Personally identifiable information that you voluntarily share. The types of personally identifiable information that you might share include your name, address, phone number, e-mail address and credit card number.

In order to provide you with the information and services that you look for from the Planet Entertainment Sites, Planet Entertainment gathers certain types of information from you that are not personally identifiable. This is called anonymous information and includes:
3. The type of Internet browser you use when you visit
4. The types of computer operating system you use
5. The search engine you use to access the Planet Entertainment Sites (such as “,” “” or “”)
6. The specific Planet Entertainment Site that you visit (PLANET,, etc.).

The anonymous information collected is not associated with you personally or your business. Planet Entertainment uses this anonymous information in the aggregate to improve Planet Entertainment Sites and the services we provide through those sites.


Planet Entertainment Sites may use “cookies” to collect the anonymous information described in this Privacy Policy. Cookies are bits of encrypted data that are loaded by Planet Entertainment’s server onto your computer when you visit a Planet Entertainment Site. The server can retrieve the cookies the next time you visit a site and use them to identify the computer as a return visitor. Planet Entertainment uses cookies to collect non-personally identifiable information and generically track usage patterns on the Planet Entertainment Sites in order to monitor activity and administer the sites. Planet Entertainment also uses information obtained from cookies to improve Planet Entertainment Sites, and make decisions concerning advertising, product offerings and services. Most users can disable cookies from their Internet browsers, receive a warning before a cookie is placed on their computer, and erase all cookies from their computer hard drives by following the instructions provided by the browser.

Advertising companies may deliver ads on some Planet Entertainment Sites. You should be aware that when you click on these ads, the advertising companies may also deploy cookies to receive anonymous information about ad viewing by Internet users on Planet Entertainment Sites and other Web sites. This information is associated with your Web browser but cannot be associated with your name or e-mail address without your permission. Therefore, advertising companies may know where your computer goes on the Web, but they do not know who you are unless you tell them. Planet Entertainment does not provide personally identifiable information about its customers or Planet Entertainment Site visitors to these advertising companies.

Planet Entertainment may ask you to provide what is often referred to as “personally identifiable information” such as your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address when you use Planet Entertainment Sites to: purchase a service or product online, enter a contest or sweepstakes, ask to receive information, respond to a survey, register with a Planet Entertainment Site, access your account, ask for a personalized service, request customer service online, or apply for a job. You always have the alternative of mailing or calling Planet Entertainment with the information requested if you do not wish to provide it online. Personally, identifiable information provided at a Planet Entertainment Site to order Planet Entertainment services other than Internet services will be protected in the same manner as when the information is provided by other means such as over the telephone or by mail. We protect customer information obtained from Planet Entertainment’s local, long distance and carrier customers consistent with federal laws governing telecommunications services and with regulations issued by the Federal Communications Commission.

We use personally identifiable information provided at a Planet Entertainment Site in the following ways unless otherwise specified:
7. For its intended purpose (such as to complete an online order for service),
8. To provide you with information about new Planet Entertainment products and services or products and services offered in conjunction with Planet Entertainment business partners.

Planet Entertainment will not sell or disclose to outside parties any personally identifiable information obtained from a Planet Entertainment online service or the registration at a Planet Entertainment Site without your consent except under the following circumstances:
9. When required by law,
10. When disclosure is necessary to protect the safety of a customer, third party or Planet Entertainment’ property,
11. If it is required in connection with any sale or transfer of all or a portion of Planet Entertainment’s assets.

When Planet Entertainment uses agents, contractors or other companies to perform services on its behalf, Planet Entertainment will require that they protect your personally identifiable information consistent with this Privacy Policy. Planet Entertainment may share the anonymous information described in this Privacy Policy with third parties from time-to-time.

E-mail is an increasingly popular communication tool through which you and your business may communicate with Planet Entertainment. Likewise, Planet Entertainment may use e-mail to communicate with you, respond to your e-mail, and to tell you about new products and services. If you do not wish to receive e-mail promotions and new products and service announcements from Planet Entertainment, please follow the instructions that appear at the end of the e-mail communication that you receive from Planet Entertainment to have your name removed from the list.

Planet Entertainment utilizes several encryption methods to ensure that the data you submit on any of the Planet Entertainment Sites is secure. Through this “secure session,” information that you input into a Planet Entertainment online order form will be sent and will arrive privately and unaltered at a Planet Entertainment server. This security prohibits access to your information by other companies and Web users.

Planet Entertainment does not intend to collect personally identifiable information from individuals under 18 years of age. If Planet Entertainment becomes aware that a user who is under 18 is using a Planet Entertainment Site, Planet Entertainment will specifically instruct that individual that they are not to submit information on Planet Entertainment Sites without a parent or guardian’s consent. If a child has provided Planet Entertainment with personally identifiable information without Planet Entertainment ‘s knowledge, a parent or guardian of the child may contact Planet Entertainment at and Planet Entertainment will delete the child’s information from our existing files.

Some Planet Entertainment Sites contain links to other Web sites that are owned and operated by parties other than Planet Entertainment. Please be aware that this Privacy Policy does not extend to any Web sites other than those owned and controlled by Planet Entertainment.

You may always contact us at, by telephone or mail to verify your name, address, e-mail address, telephone number and/or billing information. Planet Entertainment will correct any information that is inaccurate.

If you have questions or comments regarding this Privacy Policy, you may contact us at If you have submitted personally identifiable information, and would like that information deleted from our records, please contact us at our e-mail address, We will use reasonable efforts to delete that information from our files.

Planet Entertainment may amend this Privacy Policy from time-to-time. These changes will be posted online.